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In this GST app you can read news, article and important documents related to GST in Hindi, English, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi.

Now Draft Act, Draft Rules, Draft Forms are available in Multi language like Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telgu.

GST Helpline app is an ultimate tool for all getting knowledge about GST India and related latest GST news, GST articles, GST Draft bill along with GST rates and their applicability for sectors, frequently asked questions on GST, some important links administered by the Govt. of India have also been included in the application. The GST app offers a wide range of features and information regarding the GST in a feasible way. Our dedicated team is trying their level best to offer the users best experience. We welcome and appreciate your valuable feedback which lets us make significant improvements in the future.

Goods and Service Tax is a taxation scheme which will subsume all the indirect tax like VAT, service tax, excise in a single entity. The purpose for creating GST helpline app is to to make people aware of the new upcoming taxation regime. Talking about the design, the app offers a light UI and amazing experience. Users can access various inbuilt features of the app such as GST FAQís, GST Calculator and other important links related to GST draft law.

The GST Helpline mobile application is compatible with the iOS versions. It comes with simple User Interface and light configuration.

Application Features:

1.GST News- This section offers regular updates on GST news and keeps the users notified about the latest happening in the GST. It features all trending GST new. The notification feature notifies the users automatically whenever any news gets published. The user can easily read the news by tapping the notification.

2. GST Articles- This section brings you in-depth details and opinion regarding GST India. The articles are published under the guidance of qualified CA and CS who hold a better understanding of the GST and Tax industry. The app also allows the guest users to post their opinions on the GST India.

3. GST Forms- The Government released official forms related to the GST can be easily found in this section. You can also go through the e-copy of the GST forms available in the app. The forms module will be required to be filled by all tax payers in India under the new tax scheme. The users get to know more about the registration and return process.
4. GST Calculator- The GST calculator lets the users calculate their taxes. The taxes will be calculated in both CGST and SGST segments. The GST calculation can be done by filling the GST rate and providing the applicable rates as input.

5. Flowchart- This section consists of the clear flowchart of the GST Forms that will be needed by various industry heads and other individual taxpayers in India. The flowcharts represented in this section are for: composition scheme, Regular dealer, Tax Deductor, Input Service Distributor, Temporary registration, UN Bodies, Embassies, Non- Resident Assessee, Existing Taxpayer, E-commerce.

6. Final Rates- This section reveals the GST rates proposed in the GST council meeting i.e. 0%, 5%, 12% and 18%,28%, 28% (with cess). The goods will be included under these mentions GST rates after the implementation of the GST Law in India.

7. GST Draft Law and FAQs- This section provides you basic details of the GST India through FAQs. The GST draft law reveals the GST structure of the new tax scheme. The GST FAQs consists of various questions on different aspects of GST in India. Some of the questions have been answered by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.